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Dr. Timothy P Deahl, DDS

Our team are committed to making every visit to the office warm and comfortable. Our desire is for you to feel like you have been pampered in a “spa-like environment”.

We are here to serve you in any way we can. We do not consider you as a patient, but rather as a guest. When you are a guest in our office, we ask you to enjoy:

  • Blankets
  • Warm Lemon Towels, to freshen up

Spending quality time with each new patient is our highest priority. We want to treat you as an individual so that we may learn your specific needs, concerns, dental fears, past bad experiences with dentistry and how we can avoid them. We also help to identify health issues you may have and how good oral health can affect them. We also want to explain to you how our office works, the technology we use and the benefits for you.

Your First Phone Call

Since we view every patient as being special, your first contact with our office will be different from any other office you may have called. Our goal is to tailor your visit specifically to your needs. You will be asked a series of questions, your answers will allow our team to better appoint your reservation to meet your needs.

Following your conversation, we will email you your New Patient Reservation Confirmation and ask you to electronically complete your paperwork (located to the right "New Patient Forms")which includes:

    • Health History
    • Consent For Treatment
    • HIPAA Policy
    • Insurance Limitation Information
    • Smile Evaluation

We will ask you to complete the necessary information so we may review them and contact your dental insurance company in necessary.

What to expect during a New Patient Visit:

    • Complete Health History Update
    • Comprehensive Examination
    • Complete digital X-Rays if necessary
    • Oral Hygiene Evaluation:
      • Evaluation of each tooth
      • Joint Functionality
      • Soft Tissue Examination
      • Oral Cancer Screening
      • Periodontal Evaluation
      • Occlusal Analysis
      • Blood Pressure Screening
    • Study Models When Indicated
    • Cosmetic Imaging when Indicated

High quality dentistry will last many years. We graciously accept and appreciate your confidence in us by referring your family and friends to us as patients. Everyone you refer to us will receive quality dental care and exceptional service.

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